A gothic comfrankenstein-man-or-monster-1410a-cedy with madness, a monster and a teddy bear.

Created and performed by Augustus Stephens based on the testimonies of people with mental illness

Directed by Lucy Poulson

A new interpretation of the Frankenstein story with songs and a comic twist. Frank has multiple personalities one of which is Victor Frankenstein who has delusions of grandeur. With the help of his other personalities he builds an experiment to make life but when lightning strikes a creature really is made. But the monster has problems too and can’t find a place to fit in, instead he becomes disorientated and misunderstood, leading people to fear him. Is he destined for a life short and brutish or can he find someone to help him?

**** Broadway Baby – ‘Stripped back and incredibly emotive, Stephens’ one-man performance will leave you begging for more‘  Full Review

Bum on a Seat – ‘A tilt of the head and a change in vocal register and he is a different character – it’s effective and impressive and a lot of fun.  The writing is delightful with sparks of wit that surprise as much as the poignant moments.’

You can see this show on:
Friday  24th November 2017 at Upstairs at the Western, Leicester – Details

If you know a venue where this show would be welcomed, please get in touch with Augustus at Contact