A gothic comedy with madness, a monster and a teddy bear

Frank has multiple personalities one of which is Dr. Frankenstein who has delusions of grandeur and thinks he is creating life. When lightning strikes, a monster really is created who has his own problems and can’t seem to fit in.

The show is a new interpretation of the Frankenstein myth, and in the style of Mad Tom Theatre it is laced with humour and catchy songs, but it also gives some tender insights into the lives of those with severe mental illness.

The characters in the show have different mental illnesses and are based on the testimonies of real people and the experiences of writer/performer Augustus Stephens who has a severe mental illness himself. He says “I empathise with Frankenstein’s monster who, like many with mental illness, finds that people fear and shun him even though he’s hurt no-one.”

Mad Tom Theatre was created in 2016 to continue, and to expand on, the work started by Augustus Stephens in the fields of mental illness and other kinds of difference. It’s aim is to increase tolerance, reduce stigma and to give people a good laugh.

Produced by Mad Tom Theatre. Created and performed by Augustus Stephens (as seen on BBC1). Directed by Lucy Poulson.

“His work is to the bone and heart-breaking but equally filled with humour, a very interesting man to look out for!” The Open Door


Hi-res photos available at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pspbaaqfn1gtkf/AAAdOhEmx6eKcObylr2fAWVka?dl=0

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