Mad Tom Theatre presents…

Frankenstein: Man or Monster

Four mental illnesses presented as part of the Frankenstein myth with a monster who is shunned and abused because he is ‘different’.

Created and performed by Augustus Stephens – as seen on BBC1

Frank has multiple personalities one of which is Dr. Frankenstein who has delusions of grandeur and thinks he is creating life. When lightning strikes, a monster really is created who has his own problems and can’t seem to fit in.

Augustus has spoken to many people with severe mental illness about their lives and their stories and has used these, along with his own experiences, to create the characters, from Frankenstein who has delusions of grandeur to Igor who has OCD and the monster himself who has schizophrenia.

The concept behind the show is that someone with a severe mental illness is often misunderstood and may be rejected or abused, i.e. treated like a monster. It presents a unique retelling of the Frankenstein myth with Mad Tom’s usual mix of humour, songs and heart-breaking characterisations.

Themes: Mental illness; involvement with health services; survival; recovery and the impossibility of recovery; humour in the darkest places

Mad Tom Theatre was created in 2016 to continue, and to expand on, the work started by Augustus Stephens in the fields of mental illness and other kinds of difference. It’s aim is to increase tolerance, reduce stigma and to give people a good laugh.
The company have two aims: first is to make people happy, whatever we present in front of an audience has to be entertaining; second is to educate or enlighten the audience on one of our themes: mental illness and tolerance. Art is what separates the brutal animal ‘homo sapiens’ from the wise and compassionate ‘human being’.

**** Broadway Baby – Stripped back and incredibly emotive, Stephens’ one-man performance will leave you begging for more.

Audience demographic
2018 is the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Anyone who has had or has come across mental illness (most of the population)

Number in company: 1

Personnel: Written, produced, performed by Augustus Stephens
Directed by Lucy Poulson

Running Time: 75 mins
Age: No restriction
Types of financing: Fixed fee, Box office split
Tech: Sound ‘desk’ for incidental music and sound effects

Availability: Anytime after July 2017.  Anytime in 2018


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